When and where is the Swap & Play?
The event is held in the gymnasium & playground at Gravenhurst Public School. It opens to the public from 900am to 1:00pm on the first Saturday in May.

What does it cost?
Anyone can attend to shop and play at our sessions for free. For those who would like to book a table space, single indoor Family and Not-For-Profit tables are $15 and Business tables are $25. Single outdoor Family and Not-For-Profit tables are $10 and Business tables are $15. Table spaces can be shared, just please be upfront about it when you are registering. If you have a lot of stuff, get an extra table – it’s only $10 more per table.

How many people attend?
We’ve never tried to count! It’s a pretty busy event, but if we had to guess, likely around 500. Maybe more? Anyway, it’s a lot.

What’s the deal with Family Play Sessions & On-Going Demos/Fun?
Play sessions happen about every half hour throughout the entire event. Most are designed to keep kids busy and active. These are some of the workshops we’ve offered in past years:

  • Storytime and songs with the Gravenhurst Public Library
  • Crafts with Muskoka Family Focus
  • Music Meyhem with First Songs Muskoka, Dan McCoy, Ali Powers and/or Sunshine Ukuleles
  • Family yoga with Muskoka Yoga Studio or Great Moose Adventures
  • Reptile Show with Scales Nature Park
  • Kids field and parachute games
  • STEAM Challenges and Pioneer Games with Muskoka Discovery Zone
  • Recycling Craft with Little Sprouts Eco-Club
  • Kids Hip-Hop Performance with Please & Thanks Hip-Hop

For this year’s session, visit our Play Sessions page.

How do I register as a vendor?
You can register very easily by filling out the vendor agreement form and submitting your online payment. To start that process, visit our Vendor Registration page.

I’m a vendor, when can I setup?
Vendors can pre-register and setup the evening before the event, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, and again on the morning of the event from 8:00am to 9:00am. Family vendors MUST set up the evening before the event, but Not-For-Profit and Business vendors can choose to wait until the morning of the event.

How is the event advertised?
We advertise extensively on Facebook, both to the 700+ people in our event group, but in many other groups as well. We post in every event calendar we can find, in addition to the posters and flyers we distribute generously throughout Gravenhurst and area, including in the schools and libraries. It is promoted extensively through Muskoka Family Focus at all of their programming, including daycares, Early Years Centres, and Great Beginning/Growing Up/Baby Talk/Making the Connection programs. Also, we’ve been doing it for a few years now, so word of mouth is definitely happening and people know to expect the event now.

Where does the money raised at this event go?
Check out the Who We Support page for more info on the great community initiatives this event supports.