Want a table?!? If you have family items, products and/or services, this is the event for you. Here’s how table fees work:

Indoor Single Table Space

$15 Family (selling used baby, kid & maternity stuff)
$15 Not-for-Profit
$25 Business

Outdoor Single Table Space (you take on a weather risk)

$10 Family (selling used baby, kid & maternity stuff)
$10 Not-for-Profit
$15 Business

Extra Tables (Indoor and Outdoor)

$10 Each Additional Table (regardless of type)

Vendor Notes:

  • You must bring your own table(s) for your space.
  • Table spaces can be shared, just please be upfront about it when you are registering.
  • We aim to have a 2:1 Family to non-family table vendor ratio.
  • Vendor approval is at the discretion of the event organizers.

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We advertise extensively on Facebook, both to the 750+ people in our event group, but in many other groups as well. We post in every event calendar – about 15 in total, as well as post posters and flyers throughout Gravenhurst and Muskoka, including in the schools and libraries. It is also promoted extensively through Muskoka Family Focus at all of their programming, including daycares, Early Years Centres, and Great Beginning/Growing Up/Baby Talk/Making the Connection programs. We put up lots of awesome signs on streets in the days before the event. This event has been happening since 2011,  so word of mouth is definitely a big factor and people know to expect the event now.